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Marketing Coordinator


2020 . 2016 . 🇫🇷  Lyon

BARNES is a luxury real estate agency in Lyon. It offers real support to its clients and a premium communication about their high-end property. 

➡️  Design graphics and layout for posters, invitations, advertisements
➡️  Create and update website content
➡️  Implement, schedule, and update the editorial calendar
➡️  Write SEO-friendly content in French
➡️  Coordinate projects, in liaison with external creative agencies
➡️  Planning and organize prestigious events

agence immobilière BARNES hall d'accueil
Community manager couture Lyon

Community Manager

Les éditions de Saxe – Coupé Couzu

2016 . 🇫🇷  Lyon

“Les éditions de Saxe” are leaders of DIY books and magazines. In 2016, they bought a small brand of sewing patterns, “Coupé Couzu”, whose concept is based on ease of making.

➡️  Create blog posts SEO-friendly
➡️  Manage social media posts
➡️  Create and develop content for a monthly newsletter
➡️  Coordinate web and event projects

Community Manager

Groupe Zannier

2016 . 🇫🇷  Lyon

Zannier Group, now Kidiliz, is a great actor of fashion kid with more than 15 brands like 3Pommes, Absorba, Chipie or Kenzo Kids.

➡️  Coordinate projects for the brand 3pommes: web and print
➡️  Organize of casting and photo shooting for different media
➡️  Schedule the editorial calendar and write blog posts
➡️  Animate social media for different brands

Marketing en mode enfant
Community management mode enfant

Assistant Web Marketing

3 Pommes – Groupe Zannier


Dynamic brand of children’s ready-to-wear, 3Pommes belongs to Kidiliz Group. It is the group’s mischievous brand, a chewable fashion for children who move and love nonsense!

➡️  Management of social media
➡️  H15 season website update. Update of the B2B shop season H15
➡️  Sales Administration (ADV) France and Export
➡️  Organization of children’s castings (lookbook + catalogue)

Chargée de Communication

Coupé Couzu

2014 . 🇫🇷  Lyon

Coupé Couzu is a little brand of sewing patterns. Her creator keeps its promise: very easy making thanks to a package with a pattern ready to cut and a little book with “step by step”

➡️  Project management: redesign of the website

» Wireframes, Photoshop models
» Ensure compliance with specifications
» Organization of a product shoot on models

➡️  Animation of social media
➡️  Online product sheets and web content writing
➡️  Events: organization of trade fairs

webmarketing couture

Communication Assistant


2013 . 🇫🇷   Vendome

ISMER is an association that supports business creation.

➡️  Drafting of the 2012 activity report

➡️  Preparation of the organization of the 20 years of the association

➡️  Design of a book of testimonials from business leaders: collecting testimonies and writing

Commercial Assistant

Les Maisons Archambault

2012 . 2010 . 🇫🇷  Blois

“Les Maisons Archambault” are builders of individual houses.

➡️  In charge of land prospecting

➡️   Web content integration

➡️   Costing of individual house construction projects

➡️   Customer reception

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